High Quality Polypropylene Melt Blown MBC Series Graded Density Filter Cartridge

Superior filtration technology

TFS MBC Series depth filters cartridges use a proprietary spun-bonding technology to offer:
  • extended service life
  • fewer filter change-outs
  • consistent particle reduction
  • increased surface area
  • low initial pressure drop
  • high particle reduction efficiencies
  • high flow rates

Depth Filter Cartridges

The unique TFS MBC Series filter manufacturing process combines process control with quality assurance enabled by an ISO 9001 certified quality system to provide consistent product performance. The proprietary manufacturing process provides a high degree of fiber-to-fiber thermal bonding, without the use of binders to produce a rigid, core-less, filter structure with the following properties.

  • does not unload contaminants with increasing differential pressure like typical spun-bonded filters
  • exhibits exceptionally low differential pressure for a given filter rating

Consistent filtration throughout the service life of a depth-style filter depends on how well the filter’s structure tolerates fluctuations in operating conditions-including contaminant loading and differential pressure. Flexible structure, such as those found in typical filters, tend to compress and change porosity with increased pressure, while rigid structure do not. Media compression can result in short filter life because the pores collapse and ultimately close. Media compression can also cause the filter to release already held particles.

The robust TFS MBC Series filter captures and retains contaminant within its rigid filter matrix, even under increasing differential pressure. The unique depth filter structure of the TFS MBC Series filter provides a significant increase in contaminant holding capacity and provides greater flow capacity at a given pressure.


  • 100% polypropylene - inert food grade material, excellent micro-organism resistance.
  • Chemical-free manufacturing ensures zero contamination.
  • Rigid filter structure results in greater resistance to particle unloading and hence more consistent performance.
  • No media migration with structural stability and excellent knife-edge sealing.
  • True graded density - denser grading in inner layers and coarser grading in outer layers.
  • High dirt holding capacity and longer life as particles are trapped throughout the depth of the filter.
  • Better performance - random depth structure captures more particles compared to conventional filters.
  • High bulk media having improved void to solid ratio gives higher flow rates with low pressure drop.
  • Core-less structure incinerates to trace ash with no hazardous volatiles for environmentally friendly disposal.